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TEACHERS: Flipping with Moodle - Activity Completion and Conditional Activities
NelsonLee發表於2017年 03月 20日(Mon.) 12:59

Teachers can set up Moodle resources and activities so that students work through them at their own pace. Students can read background information, watch videos, and respond to forum, glossary, and assignment prompts outside of class, while the teacher tracks and monitors their progress through ...

TEACHERS: Turn on Guest Access and set a Guest password
NelsonLee發表於2016年 08月 29日(Mon.) 07:53
Here are the directions for turning on Guest Access and setting a password for Guest.
  1. Go to the Administration block
  2. Click on Users
  3. Click on Enrollment methods
  4. On the left side, next to Guest access, click the closed eyeball icon.
  5. Now click on the gear icon next to it.
  6. Click the unmask box.
  7. Type in a Guest password. Save.
Get up to speed with the new Moodle 3.1!
NelsonLee發表於2016年 07月 20日(Wed.) 14:43

We've upgraded to the newest version of Moodle and there are a few changes you should know about. 

  1. Bookmark the Moodle 3.1 Quick Guide.
  2. Bookmark this Moodle 3.1 YouTube playlist. .

What’s new with Moodle 3.1: Changes to Moodle

  • Small changes to the interface - it's cleaner ...