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Get up to speed with the new Moodle 3.1!

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Get up to speed with the new Moodle 3.1!
by Lee Nelson - Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 2:43 PM

We've upgraded to the newest version of Moodle and there are a few changes you should know about. 

  1. Bookmark the Moodle 3.1 Quick Guide.
  2. Bookmark this Moodle 3.1 YouTube playlist. .

What’s new with Moodle 3.1: Changes to Moodle

  • Small changes to the interface - it's cleaner and requires fewer clicks.

  • Fewer template choices, but they are more customizable. Pioneer is the default template. Lee will add more as they become available.

  • Easier section editing

  • Assignment grading and feedback has gotten a great redesign. See the Assignment Quick Guide

  • Pin a forum to the top of your course page. Permalink to a forum post. See Forum Types and Forum Settings

  • Recycle Bin - restore deleted content

  • Quiz module - 4 new question types - Select missing words, Drag and drop into text, Drag onto image, Drag and drop markers. See the Quiz Quick Guide.

  • Moodle Mobile app improvements for students who access Moodle on their smartphone.
  • Tag courses and course activities.

Guest Access is in a new location

Previously it was in your course Admin block - Edit Settings section. Now it is in your Users - Enrollment methods - Guest access

Guest access settings

Changing your Preferences

See documentation at

1. After logging in, click on the dropdown next to your name and icon/photo.

2. Select Preferences.

User preferences drop down

User preferences main page

3. From this page you can change your (individual) preferences for Moodle. NOTE - Do not change your email address in your profile settings!

Text Editor preferences

Forum preferences

Language preferences