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TEACHERS: Flipping with Moodle - Activity Completion and Conditional Activities

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TEACHERS: Flipping with Moodle - Activity Completion and Conditional Activities
by Lee Nelson - Monday, March 20, 2017, 12:59 PM

Teachers can set up Moodle resources and activities so that students work through them at their own pace. Students can read background information, watch videos, and respond to forum, glossary, and assignment prompts outside of class, while the teacher tracks and monitors their progress through Moodle reports.

This is done using activity completion, and restricting access to a resource, activity, or quiz until a selected condition has been met (such as activity completion, a passing grade on a Moodle quiz, etc.). 

Activity completion and restricting access have been enabled site-wide by the NPS Moodle administrator. Teachers must have Completion tracking enabled in their course settings.

  1. Open your course and turn editing onedit oncompletion tracking
  2. Go to the Administration block and click on Edit settings.
  3. Scroll down the page. Expand the Completion tracking section.
  4. Select Yes in the drop down menu.
  5. Click on the Save and display button at the bottom of the page.

Once activity completion has been enabled for a course, checkboxes will appear to the right of any resources or activity on the front page of that course. By default the box allows students to manually mark if they have completed an activity.

However, the teacher can change this when they Add an activity or resource and select Do not indicate activity completion (no checkbox; not tracked), or Show activity as complete when conditions are met (conditional activity).

completion default

If it is a resource, such as a file, folder, URL, Book, or a Page in Moodle, then you can required students to view the resource. This means that they at least have to click on the resources and open it. (Of course, there is not a way to make them pay attention to it!).

If it is an activity that can be graded, you will see additional options.

  • Require grade
  • Require passing grade

completion requires grade

To go along with activity completion, you may want to restrict access to a resource or activity until a previous resource or activity has been completed. For example, you may want students to watch a video, view a document, and complete a glossary activity before they take a Moodle quiz.

In the same settings where you set completion tracking is a section for Restrict access.

restrict access

To see which students have completed activities, go to your Administration block and click on Reports - Activity completion.

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